Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lamb Lettuce Wraps

I love creating warm things that you can put in a lettuce leaf, roll up and crunch away on.  This one had pieces of lamb that were sauteed in coconut oil, topped with tomatoes and cucumbers and drizzled with a sauce made with avocado as the base for a tzatziki instead of yogurt.  These were delicious and I loved the way all the flavors blended together with the contrast of the warm meat and the cold, crunchy lettuce.

Lamb Lettuce Wraps
Makes 2-3 servings

1 pound lamb stew meat
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
4-6 large romaine lettuce leaves, cleaned
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved (or regular tomato, diced)
1/2 cucumber, finely diced
1 lemon, cut in half

Avo-Ziki Sauce
1 ripe avocado
1/4 cup grated cucumber
1 small clove garlic, grated
Juice of 1 lemon
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon fresh dill, finely chopped

In a small mixing bowl, season the lamb with sea salt, black pepper and oregano.  In a skillet over medium-high heat, melt the coconut oil and then place the lamb pieces in the pan.  Cook the lamb approximately 2-3 minutes until it is browned on one side and flip to brown the other side for another 2 minutes or so.

Once the meat is cooked, chop it into 1/2-inch pieces.

Place the romaine lettuce leaves onto serving plates and top with the chopped lamb, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber.  Squeeze lemon over each lettuce leaf, then drizzle with the Avo-Ziki Sauce.

For the Avo-Ziki Sauce
Combine all ingredients in a small food processor or with a hand blender.

Slightly adapted from Practical Paleo

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