Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Day of Touring on Kauai

Today we decided to tour the east side of the island. We are staying at the southern most point of the island at Poipu and we went up the east coast all the way to the most northern point of the island. We actually followed the route until it ended before the Napali coast.

Our first stop was at the Wailua Falls which was a beautiful spot to visit.

In addition there was a local artist finishing his watercolor painting of the falls. It was great to see his rendition of the falls.

We continued on to the Kilauea Lighthouse which is a designated national historic landmark, even though it is no longer in use. It was right next to the Kilauea Point Wildlife Refuge which highlighted all the local birds in the area.

We proceeded to the St. Regis Hotel in Princeville where we had lunch in the most beautiful setting imaginable. Lunch was a very elegant affair starting with my diet Coke that was served with a lime wedge and a lovely orchid floating on the top. Only in Hawaii do they have enough orchids to float some in an ordinary diet coke. My lunch was a Mahimahi fish sandwich served with guacamole and a garlic aioli on a wonderfully fresh bun. The side was perfectly crisp french fries. The food and the setting were both astounding!

We continued on the road to the very end of it, crossing 8 one way bridges on a very winding road following the shore on the right with the mountains on the left.

We stopped frequently along the route for shopping and then returned in one sweep on the way back. We actually didn't get back here at the resort until about 6:00 tonight and decided to just order dinner from a little restaurant in the hotel complex.

After many meals of fresh Hawaiin fish, we opted for cheeseburgers which came with waffle fries and it was a perfect end to the day.

Tomorrow we are boarding a boat for a tour of the Nepali coast with snorkeling and lunch provided on board. It should be a great day!

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