Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grown-up Mac and Cheese

For 37 years I have been making the same macaroni and cheese which the girls love and have grown up on. Last night I made Kelsey Nixon's version of Mac and Cheese which is the grown up version with 3 different cheeses, Panko breadcrumbs and crumbled bacon.

I can't wait to try this when the girls are home.

I started by making a Bechamel sauce, which is simply equal amounts of butter and flour and hot milk stirred in gradually to make a smooth and thick cream sauce. I added salt, pepper, dry mustard and a little cayenne pepper along with some shredded cheddar cheese, shredded Gruyere cheese and grated Parmesan. Once all the cheese was melted into the sauce, I added some cooked elbow macaroni, a little more milk and a little bit of heavy cream and stirred everything until nicely combined.

Meanwhile I had cooked some bacon and used the bacon drippings to drizzle over Panko breadcrumbs with chopped parsley. The bacon flavored breadcrumbs were sprinkled over the mac and cheese in the skillet and some more Parmesan was sprinkled over everything.

The skillet went into the oven for 25 minutes until the crumbs were golden brown. Once the skillet came out of the oven, the bacon was crumbled over the top.

A very delicious, decadent macaroni and cheese!

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