Saturday, August 27, 2011

Easiest Summertime Dinner Ever

I was craving spareribs coated in barbecue sauce and so that is what we had for dinner. Over the years, I have tried many methods of cooking barbecued spareribs. I have par-boiled them and then put them on a hot grill with barbecue sauce. Sometimes this worked sometimes, they burned. I have tried rubbing and grilling which also yielded imperfect results.

My favorite way to prepare them for the past few years is take a slab of spareribs cut them into manageable chunks. Put the ribs in a roasting pan, meat side up and put in a 325 degree oven for 1 hour. Coat them with barbecue sauce of choice frequently (I do every 10-15 minutes) for another 45 minutes. They come out moist and very saucy which is just the way I like them.

We had corn on the cob which I soaked the ears in water for an hour and then Gerry grilled them for 20 minutes. Yum!

We also had coleslaw which poses a dilemma for two people. I like to make as much as I can from scratch; but by the time I buy two different kinds of cabbage (only to use about 1/8 of each), I have come to the conclusion it's less expensive to buy the prepackaged bags.

So there you have the easiest dinner ever.

I did make Oatmeal Raisin Cookies to end our meal with since I had so much time on my hands.

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  1. I am not even hungry and I still started salivating just by reading this post. I am so craving some oatmeal raisin cookies now!