Sunday, September 1, 2013

Boise and Twin Falls, Idaho

Since we were in Boise, I decided to visit the Capitol Building, which is a very beautiful, marble-filled building.  The only other state capitol building I have been in was in Oklahoma and these two buildings seemed quite similar to me.  I plan on trying to visit the capitol building whenever I can just to see how similar they all are.  The city of Boise is very friendly and easy to get around in.  

 We enjoyed the RV park we stayed in and Newman especially enjoyed the Bark Park which was a wonderful grassy, fenced in area in the middle of the park.  There were usually at least a couple of dogs to play with several times a day, but the highlight of the day was about 6:00 p.m. when lots of dogs came out to play.  Needless to say, Newman had a blast wearing himself out with all the playmates. 

We moved on to Twin Falls in Idaho and I got to explore the Snake River Canyon which is where Evil Knievel attempted his jump in 1974. 

I also visited the Shoshone Falls and was astounded at how beautiful and powerful these falls were.  They are nicknamed the Niagara Falls of the west and now I can’t wait to see Niagara Falls.  I toured the area in the morning and was so impressed that I brought Gerry to view them as soon as he was done working for the day.  It was easy to visit twice since they were only about 10 minutes away. 

On my last day in Idaho, I drove over an hour away to visit Balanced Rock, which was quite interesting.  It is a rock formation in a canyon that is 48 feet high and 40 feet wide and the base is 3 feet by 17 1/2 inches wide. It's fascinating to see something like this created by the elements.  I really enjoyed the ride to Balanced Rock, since it was through miles and miles of farmland.  There were lots of dairy farms and tons of hay fields.  The other crops that went on for miles were potatoes, of course, and corn and I think soybeans.  I’m not sure about the soybeans, but there was definitely something other than corn and potatoes, so I’m guessing soybeans.  There is something wholesome about driving through miles of farmland.

We caught a spectacular sunset one evening as we were ready to walk Newman.  
We are now Salt Lake City, Utah and looking forward to learning more about the area

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  1. You've been to Austin how many times and we haven't been to the Capitol? We should rectify this soon! :)