Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Final Post

We are finally back in the Dallas area after our first long term venture out with the motor home.  It's great to be home to see all the kids and grand-children.  Other reasons to be thankful are being able to attend my favorite workout classes, getting a long overdue haircut and a fabulous manicure with a technician I'm comfortable with.  I don't have to research where I'm going and find an address to plug in to our GPS which is another plus.  The downside is, I have visited all the places in the area and so there is nothing new to explore.

While we were traveling, I found it sometimes difficult to keep up my posts on the blog, even though I cook every day.  Gerry and I have also changed our eating habits to gradually embrace the Paleo diet and I find myself spending lots of time researching the Paleo aspect and less time working on my blog. 

I appreciate everyone who has enjoyed visiting my site.  Stay healthy and keep cooking!

Bon Appetit,