Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Orange-Glazed Salmon

A nice meal full of Omega-3. I began our dinner by parboiling a cubed russet potato and draining really well. The parboiled potatoes went in a nonstick skillet with some vegetable oil and left alone for 5 minutes over medium-high heat. They were then stirred occasionally for another 7 minutes to give us perfectly browned and crispy home fries. Once done they were seasoned with some dried thyme and salt and pepper. These home fries are the best ever!

Meanwhile I seasoned two salmon fillets with some Cajun seasoning mixed with a little brown sugar and salt. The fillets went in another nonstick skillet and cooked for a few minutes. I flipped the fish and allowed it to saute for another couple of minutes. I added the orange element which was some orange marmalade combined with a little bit of fresh lime juice. The marmalade mixture was swirled in to the pan and the fillets got a few flips in the marmalade to coat all sides.

A fresh lime wedge squeezed over the fish was all it needed to bring it all together. Gerry and I both love salmon and this is a recipe that we will keep cooking!

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