Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fishmonger's Saturday

Gerry and I have been eating out a little more than usual lately, but putting our house on the market has pushed us to get some things done. With the chores and errands we've been running, it has just been easier to grab a bite out rather than our usual cooking. I think we are basically done with the running errands to either buy things to repair something, or just trying to find the right thing so spruce up an area, we are looking forward to getting back into our routine of cooking at home.

We stopped at Fishmonger's, a seafood restaurant in Plano, serving fresh fish, family style. Gerry had the mahi mahi fish tacos, which started with a cup of shrimp tortilla soup which was delicious and loaded with shrimp. I had the crawfish etouffe and rice and started with a salad dressed with the house dressing which was a spicy Russian.

A very nice dinner, but I'm really looking forward to some home-cooked food!

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