Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fish Tacos Weber Style

I love fish tacos and this recipe was fabulous. We started with a South American Slaw, which consisted of 8 ounces of peeled and shredded jicama, 1 shredded carrot, a red bell pepper, thinly sliced, and 1/2 of a small red onion sliced. This was all combined in a medium bowl and dressed with a combination of olive oil, fresh lime juice, sugar, ground cumin, kosher salt, and freshly ground black pepper. All was tossed together and set aside to wait for the rest of dinner.

Next the guacamole was made by mashing 2 Haas avocados and then adding chopped fresh cilantro, fresh lime juice, minced garlic, kosher salt, and freshly ground black pepper. All the ingredients were stirred with a fork until thoroughly blended. The surface of the guacamole was covered with plastic wrap touching the surface to prevent browning.

Some cod fillets were rubbed with olive oil, sprinkled with chile powder, salt and pepper. The seasoned fish fillets went on the charcoal grill until done and then broken into 1 inch pieces.

The tortillas were warmed over the grill and wrapped in a kitchen towel to keep warm. The tacos were assembled by filling them with some of the grilled fish, some of the guacamole, and some of the slaw.

These fish tacos were delicious and a recipe I plan on going to often!