Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A couple of Simple Meals

Tuesday night we ended making the grilled turkey tenderloin again, since I had a fair amount of sauce left. We again grilled the tenderloin basting it with some of the sauce and used more drizzled over for serving. We did the grilled green beans again which were just as delicious the second time. Instead of the bread and tomato dressing, we opted for garlic mashed potatoes. Very easy since we had recently made it, but equally delicious the second time.

Tonight was supposed to be Sweet Soy Scallops, but with Gerry's gout flaring up we decided to stay away from shellfish. I bought a jar of Newman's Marinara sauce, cooked up some linguine and sauteed a couple of leftover Italian sausages, threw it all together and topped it all with grated Pecorino Romano cheese. I also had a loaf of seasoned Ciabatta bread in the freezer which I popped in the oven. A very satisfying meal even if I did feel like I cheated. The amazing thing about using convenience foods is it still took a while for the water to come to the boil to cook the pasta and I still had the same amount of clean up time. That is one of the reasons I rarely rely on convenience.

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