Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sunday Movie

Sunday morning, Gerry and I both worked out first thing in the morning trying to shed some of the sluggish feeling from all the excess food. We then went to see True Grit which had the original on television on Thursday night. I happen to really like the original True Grit with John Wayne and so had some reservations about a new version. The new one was quite good with most of it (with a few exceptions) like the old one except for the end. I haven't decided which ending I like better since they are both so different.

Since we went to the 11:30 showing, we decided to stop for lunch and ended up at a neighborhood Mexican restaurant which was really good. I had the sour cream chicken enchiladas which came with rice and refried beans and Gerry had the grilled chile relleno, also with rice and beans. We are both excited to have another restaurant option right in our neighborhood. My lunch was so filling and eaten late enough that I ended up not having dinner. Gerry had a piece of leftover meat lasagne for his dinner.

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